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Birthday perks

Birthday person = 1 Glass Prosecco + 1 Dessert.  

Yourself + 3 guests = 5% off total bill.
Yourself + 5 guests or more = 10% off total bill.
*Must bring your ID to apply the perks.
*Only for full meals paying people, no kids.

Early Birds

Monday to Friday

10% OFF

17:00 pm to 18:00 pm


10% OFF

12:00 pm to 13:45 pm

The Rodizio Experience

A unique dining experience to live the authentic Brazilian Churrascaria.
All you can eat including Buffet & all Grilled meats.
All you need is a hearty appetite!

Full Prime cut BBQ meats

All you can eat

Beef: Rump Cap (Picanha), Top Sirloin, Sirloin Steak, Beef Ribs, Beef Neck, Garlic Baby Beef and others.
Lamb: Leg of lamb, Lamb Chops.
Pork: Ribs, Loin, Sausages and Gammon.
Chicken: Legs, Wings, Thighs, Chicken Hearts and Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast. …and much more!

Hot Dishes & Salad Bar

Enjoy our gourmet salads from the sides bar, enjoy many items from Brazilian street food, to fresh cut vegetables and varied Brazilian side dishes.
Tickle your taste buds with a daily selection of sides that include a variety of Brazilian street foods, fresh cut vegetables and more along with freshly baked bread.

Cocktails & Drinks

Sip and savor at our restaurant's bar, where expert mixologists craft exquisite cocktails and drinks. From signature creations to a curated selection of wines, beers, and spirits, we cater to every taste. Elevate your dining experience with our unforgettable Cocktails & Drinks. Cheers!

How it works?

To start your meal, you can help yourself to the vast array of freshly prepared traditional Brazilian hot dishes and exotic salads available from our salad bar.


Indulge our delicious cocktails while we explain our unique dining experience.


Try our buffet with a selection of fresh cut vegetables and authentic Brazilian side dishes.


When you are ready turn your green card side up, our Passadors will then begin tableside meat service.


When you are satisfied or need a break, flip the card to the red side until you are ready for more.


End your meal on a sweet note with our traditional Brazilian desserts, Liqueur and/or coffee selection.


Prices per Head. Experience exceptional value and tantalising flavours at our Price Section.


Dinner Menu


Dinner + Dessert


Dinner Vegetarian

BBQ Vegetables, Salads and side dishes



Lunch & Dinner

5 to 8 years


9 to 12 years


Under 5 years


Saturday Lunch

Lunch Menu


Lunch + Dessert


Lunch Vegetarian

BBQ Vegetables, Salads and side dishes


Sunday All Day

Lunch Menu


Lunch + Dessert


Lunch Vegetarian

BBQ Vegetables, Salads and side dishes


Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday:
Open 17:00 – Close at 22:45.
Open 12:00pm – 15:00 // Re-open: 17:00 - Close at 22:45.
Open 12:00 pm – Close at 22:45.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday:
17:00 pm – last seating 21:00 pm - Close at 22:00 pm.
12:00 pm – 15:00 pm // Re-open: 17:00 pm- last seating 21:45 pm - Close at 22:30 pm.
12:00 pm – last seating 21:00 pm - Close at 21:45 pm.

Parking Nearby

Various parking choices are available in proximity to Rodizio Rico Coventry.


Car Park Bishop Street 1
APCOASilver St - CV1 1JN


Fleet street | access to car parking and street allow to park


Skydome Car Park - APCOA - CV1 3AZ


Coventry City Centre Car Park
915 Corporation St - CV1 1DN

Rodizio Rico Coventry Address: 16 corporation street - CV1 1GX


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